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What the Villagers Have to Say ....

Wednesday 9th January 2013

Maggie Mpanda, 97 years, Lives with her 6 Great-Grand-daughters (aged 6 - 18 years) in Makaniko Village. Her children are currently working in Mozambique to send money back to support the family.

 "I am grateful as one of the beneficiaries. This clean water has helped us and I can come here to help the young ones fetch the water."


Agnes Mandawala, 36 years, Lives with her 4 Children (aged 1-18yrs) and Grandson (1 year) in Masala Village.

"I have benefited a lot from this Project. As a Mother we need a Clinic, and we need it here. The water helps us deliver the babies in this area. Can we also have Family Planning - we are tired of having SO many babies, we need education"


Ruthie Susuwere, 36 years, Lives with her Husband and 6 children (8-20 years)

"Look at me, I am healthy. Look at our children, they are healthy. When we were drinking water from the river we were getting sick, now we can look after our elderly. I say this proudly as part of this Project."


Esnate Nyume, 72 years, Lives with her Husband and Great-Grandson in Masala Village.

"I am so grateful for this water as an older woman, we cannot walk, we have no strength and we kept falling carrying water from the river. I am grateful for what Village Foundations has done for this village"


Wilson, Village Leader

"Thank you to John Thornton for his dream, and bringing his vision to the Project. We will all continue to be humble and thankful. We hope that the kitchen at the School and the Clinic will happen and we will pray for you to help us."